Set It Free.

At Best Kept Spaces, "set it free" means appreciating the things you need, use, and love by parting with things you don’t. It’s a guilt-free release from the ongoing stress of clutter. Set yourself up for success with organizational systems that are compatible with the way you live and work. Once you’re at ease in your space, you’ll find the freedom to focus on what matters most to you.


Home & office organization

kept simple

We believe you have the ability to become, and stay, organized. Contrary to popular belief, there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all organization. Using our personalized approach, your space can work for you, not against you. Together we'll assess your space, discover your organizing style, and formulate a plan of action.


Our process is simple. It starts with sorting belongings into keep, donate, toss, and return categories. Next we designate homes for the items you wish to keep. In the final phase, everything you want, use, and love is neatly stored in its designated home. 

By decluttering and organizing the spaces you use everyday, you can eliminate unnecessary stress, conserve energy, and gain sweet, sweet freedom. A richer, fuller life is waiting for you!


It takes a team

No one is organized 100% of the time, including us. We all need a little help, especially when tackling a large project. Your team is here and ready for the challenge!


Customized organizing solutions for any
and all spaces


Create a system that is easy
to use and maintain


Pre-move purging
and post-move unpacking


About us

Leslie & Kristen 

In 2018, after ten years of managing a farmhouse along with gardens and a menagerie of animals, Leslie started a solo venture as a professional organizer. Organizing allowed Leslie an opportunity to use her natural gifts, and love of all things home, to bless others. As a newcomer to the Sunshine State, she enjoys exploring the botanical gardens and hiking where there are no alligators (if that's possible).


As a native Floridian, Kristen worked for fourteen years in Orlando's booming event industry. The exciting pace of live events played to her ability to turn mountains of work into manageable pieces. But something was missing from her life.  She wanted to help others in a meaningful way. Hearing that Leslie planned to start an organizing business in Central Florida, she jumped at the chance to join her. Kristen enjoys kayaking and dabbles in music, painting, and pottery.

As a team, Leslie and Kristen blend their strengths to support and serve others. Their combined creativity and practicality, along with experience at home and in the office, make them a perfect fit for any organizing project. 

From our clients

Amazing work and attention to detail! They really listened to my needs and priorities, and found practical solutions that I have continued to use in the months since! 


Ready to set it free?